Adam Tensta & Maskinen

While I was in Sweden, I tried to listen to some of the local artists. My favorite (by far) was Adam Tensta. Adam raps in English and is from a part of Stockholm called Tensta. Pretty much all of his videos are dopppppe: beats are sik, he wears tight clothes and the videos themselves are legit. His first big song I guess was “My Cool“. You should check it out here and pay attention to some of the clothes he’s wearing. I wouldn’t be surprised if he started getting big in the US (especially with the recent trends of “electro” style beats, like he uses). Here is one of my favs right now though:

Adam Tensta feat. Eboi – “Dopeboy”

Another artist I listened to is Maskinen. From what I know, they only have 2 songs to date (with multiple remixes of both). They do rap in Swedish (and some Spanish I guess), so it is a little different. The video I’m posting here is called “Alla Som Inte Dansar”, and I believe the chorus roughly translates as “everyone who doesn’t dance is a rapist”. Their other song is called “Segertåget“, which I think means something like “victory train”. Here is “Alla Som Inte Dansar” though:

Maskinen – “Alla Som Inte Dansar”

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