This is finally becoming a reality; the enlitenment movement has begun haha! Alright, well this blog is part a collaborative effort with my partnas AC and sug. You can find our group effort at

Anyways, it has always been a dream of mine to open a company of my own. Clothing/fashion is a passion and lifestyle for me, so this is the perfect fit. This blog, however, will try to focus on music, technology and international issues.

For music, I am a HUGE fan of rap, hip-hop and R&B. I try to check all the music blog sites daily for new songs (usually,, & My iTunes library is pushing 18,000 songs and 84 GBs. I am almost always listening to music, usually the newest songs available. I will be posting songs on here that I am feeling. They might not necessarily be the newest songs out (because I need time to really listen to them before I post), but they should be relatively new and guaranteed to be HOT! Obviously not everyone likes rap, hip-hop and R&B, so I will try and post songs from other genres as well. But at least now you know my bias and general theme to the music…

Technology-wise, I will probably only post every so often. I know quite a bit about computers and stuff like that, but def not as much as some people. I’m thinking I will probably mainly post info on video games because I own a Wii & Xbox 360 and usually have all the newest games. My gamertag for Xbox Live is s1rkr1s. I also occasionally find sweet deals online (usually by using sites like and, so I’ll post those as well so you can save some money!

And finally the international topic. I recently got back from studying and living in Sweden. I’m not 100% sure what I’ll be posting in this section, but I try to keep my self internationally informed. I also got some friends living in Sweden, The UK, Russia, Germany and China. I’m assuming my posts will be biased toward Sweden though…

Basically, though, I’m going to be posting anything I think is cool or find interesting. I hope you’ll check out both mine and other enlitenment members’ blogs! Open your mind!

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