This is just a quick post since I’ve been ridiculously busy today. BUT be on the look out soon; I’m going to post some of the top artists to watch for in ’09 & ’10 within the next couple of days.

We’ve been drinking VitaminWater for awhile now (my favorite flavors are focus and essential). I’m not exactly sure why we started because it kinda tastes like every other drink… but for me it might be the simple colors and design of the packaging. Or maybe it’s 50 Cent’s involvement…haha!

Anyways, they have this quote on their bottles that says, “30 may be the new 20, but green is definitely the new black. please recycle.” I thought that it was a cool little saying to include (especially with the recent hype surrounding anything with the word “green” in it haha).

But for the Enliten logo, we actually talked about potential colors and somewhat came to a consensus on green to embody what we’re about and the things we are looking to achieve.

Fashion-wise, I still say black is the new black…

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