Artists To Watch in ’09-’10

This is a quick list of artists that seem to be generating increasingly more buzz recently. I think that any of these artists has a legitimate shot of making a big impact in the next few years.

I’m sure you’ve heard of a lot of these rappers, but maybe you haven’t necessarily heard the songs I’m providing here. I included a lil bio on each artist just off the top of my head, so if you want to learn more, search online for info or post a comment and I’ll try to respond. I also tried to pick a variety of songs both newer and older.

If you think I missed someone (which I probably did) go ahead and leave me a comment. If you like any of these songs, you should probably research and support the artist! So here we go in no particular order:

1. Tyga

He is well endorsed in the game with connections to Lil Wayne, Gym Class Heroes, and Fall Out Boy. His first CD saw some success with the singles “Coconut Juice” and “Diamond Life”, but I think his sophomore effort will be even better; some of his recent work has been pretty insane. I just posted his most recent mixtape, so I won’t bother posting any of those songs again, but check out these if you haven’t already:

Tyga – Sayin’ This

Tyga – Get Silly Freestyle

Plain White T’s feat. Tyga – Hey There Delilah (remix)

2. KiD CuDi

This dude caught Kanye’s attention with his single “Day ‘n’ Night”. Since then, a popular ‘Crookers’ remix of the song has also gained play time both domestically and internationally. Additionally, he was featured on Kanye’s 808’s & Heartbreak. I like this guy  because first, his introductory mixtape was released through 10 Deep’s website, and he creates dope beats and catchy lyrics.

KiD CuDi – Day ‘N’ Night

KiD CuDi – Super Boo

KiD CuDi – CuDi Spazzin’

3. Charles Hamilton

Charles has been buzzin on the blogs for a while now but just recently became somewhat popular with the release of the single “Brooklyn Girls”. I listened to a bunch of his mixtapes last summer and was hooked. He does sound a little different though and took me awhile to get used to. His recent beef with Soulja Boy made me lose a little respect, but he still has some sik tracks.

Charles Hamilton – Brooklyn Girls

Charles Hamilton – Don’t Touch Me

Charles Hamilton – Sun Music (Hidden Track)

4. Drake

Drake is a rapper from Toronto, Canada who is also (like Tyga) signed on Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment. Drake is pretty vesitile with his style as he can rap and sing pretty well. Personally, I really like his lyrics; he has a similar style to Wayne (there were actually some rumors going around that he used to ghost-write for Wayne). Oh and for those of you who know/care, he used to be on that show Degrassi haha.

Drake feat. Lil Wayne – Brand New (remix)

Lil Wayne feat. Drake & Kidd Kidd – I Want Dis 4 Eva

Drake feat. Lil Wayne – Man Of The Year

5. Mickey Factz

Mickey just came to my attention a few months ago with the release of “The Incredible Mixtape”. He reminds me somewhat of The Cool Kids with his flow and style of beats. The first song I’m posting here (“Rapio 2 Point OH”) has a pretty addicting ‘electro’ style beat. Like I’ve said before, I think this style of music could really blow up soon/already is. Check it out:

Mickey Factz – Rapio 2 Point OH

Mickey Factz – It’s Automatic

Mickey Factz – Incredible

6. Jae Millz

Jae Millz is ANOTHER artist signed to Young Money Entertainment. He has been around for a little while now but I think had some contract issues with labels, etc. Anyways, he is now with Young Money and is definitely creating some buzz. I really started getting into him after his appearances on Lil Wayne’s “The Dedication 3” mixtape where he tore it up.

Lil Wayne feat. Jae Millz – Dick Pleaser

Jae Millz feat. Lil Wayne – Holla At A Playa (remix)

Jae Millz – I Like That

7. Wale

It seems Wale has been around forever. He had a relatively successful song with “W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E.” a while back. Recently, his single “Nike Boots” is getting some attention on the radio and through its video. I actually first heard the remix of “Nike Boots” with Lil Wayne first about a year ago. But Wale has a pretty dope flow and sik lyrics.

Wale feat. Lil Wayne – Nike Boots (remix)

Wale – Chillin

Wale – Ridin In That Black Joint

8. Willy NorthPole

Although I don’t really like the sound of his name haha, Willy has been coming with some fire recently. From Arizona, he is signed on Ludacris’ Disturbing Tha Peace Records and was featured on Luda’s recent acclaimed CD “Theater of the Mind”. He is also the self-proclaimed ‘freshman of the year’ last year, so it looks like he’s set his standards high.

Willy NorthPole – Body Marked Up

Ludacris feat. The Game & Willy NorthPole – Call Up The Homies

Willy NorthPole – Drive By Music

Honorable Mentions: Ron Browz, B.o.B, Ace Hood, Asher Roth, Ryan Leslie


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11 responses to “Artists To Watch in ’09-’10

  1. Yo biiig ups to Drake. I was very surprised to see you mention him. He’s definitely someone to watch out for. He’s probably one of the most talented artist’s coming out of Toronto and…ya, I used to watch him on Degrassi! hahahahaha

    • kristobal1229

      yeah, Drake is legit! his style of lyrics and flow are among my favorite in the game; similes and metaphors all the time. plus, he’s young moolah, baby! haha.

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