Wrist Phones & Robots

Wrist Phone:

Alright, so this first one is a pretty cool concept for a watch/phone. Not only does it look legit as a phone, it’s dope as a watch too. I really am liking the simplicity of the design; I’d def rock one:

“Simple, non pretentious, the phone is a very basic device that is devoid of the fancy stuff. This makes its cheap to manufacture and market. Another point in its favor is the portability factor; you can simply wrap it around your wrist. Leaving the connectivity issues aside, the phone has the potential to make its mark.”



Black one is fiiiiire.



“Each year we get wind of another Japanese company furthering their quest to make robots more life-like and more useful to society. Today, another company called Kyosho introduced their new Postkun (Little Postman) robot. We’re not sure what the $3,500 miniature humanoid is supposed to be used for, but it looks dope. Still, it’s nothing compared to the other robots already on the market. Ones that can actually assist humans in ways never before thought possible. It’s kinda scary, but it’s the future, kinda like Kanye’s crew’s fashion.”

Little postman does look like a pimp. Here is a video of their previous version just messin around:

Plus, he kinda reminds me of the robot on Common’s “U.M.C.” video (AKA Pharrell), which is pretty sik looking. What else do you expect from Hype Williams though:

***Update: So apparently every “U.M.C.” video on YouTube has embedding disabled. Click here to watch video through YouTube’s site***

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