When I was in Sweden, two of the first people I met were Lisa-Marie (or should I say “Eiffel Tower Princess”? haha!) and her sister Johanna. They are from Sweden and lived in the same corridor as me in Uppsala. They are pretty much the coolest Swedes I met over there… Anyways, they have a unique style both artistically and fashion-wise that I think is tight. I’m posting some of their designs and a video that I like because they are really interesting (I also really like some of the photos they post on facebook, but I didn’t put up any now). Their blog is at, but it is in Swedish. So unless you know how to read Swedish, I guess you can only look their photos and videos… haha.

I watched this video the other night and REALLY liked it for some reason. I guess that they are just “goofing around” in it, but I really like the composition visually (with the cuts between clips, etc.) and the song choice is dope too. Also the end is pretty trippy… in a good way! Check it out:

here are some designs they’ve created:

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  1. Ahhhw Kris aren’t you the sweetest….

    Check out our blog….we wrote in english a thing 2 you…

    and u know that Bilder means pictures
    and videos is the same so…..
    Lots of love and kisses

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