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Alright, so sorry to my 5 loyal viewers haha, but I’m back. I’ve just been a lil busy this last week going to Sunriver and fuggin ub 3 midterms. But hopefully you can forgive me if I post a ton of sik new songs.

But during my absence, pretty much all the artists on my “Artists To Watch in ‘09-’10” dropped songs. So I’ll post some of those and a few other tracks too. Let me know what you think!

Tyga – La La La Boom

KiD CuDi – Can I Be

CuDi’s track is produced by Ryan Leslie, who’s droppin an album tomorrow I think. Bonus Track:

Ryan Leslie feat. Keri Hilson – How It Was Supposed To Be (remix)

Charles Hamilton – Scorpion

Charles just dropped a mixtape called “Well Isn’t This Awkward“. Check it out. He usually goes hard on mixtapes and this is no different.

Drake feat. Lil Wayne – Ignorant Shit

Drake dropped a legit mixtape too called “So Far Gone“. Download that now! I seriously think Drake has some of the best lines in rap right now. ridiculous. Featured artist include Lil Wayne, Bun B, Lloyd, Santo Gold, Lykke Li (Waddup Sweden! haha), Omarion, and Trey Songz.

S.A.S. feat. Jae Millz & Ya Boy – Swaggers Up (remix)

Wale feat. Tre & Young Chris – Nightlife

Slim feat. Ron Browz & Deezo – Heels On (remix)

Ron Browz is killin it these days. He has the Pop Champagne, Arab Money, and now Jumping Out the Window videos on heavy rotation.

Playboy Tre feat. B.o.B. – We Are Robots

Yung L.A. – Have Her Like Bow

I have really been feelin Yung L.A. His flow is kinda like Shawty Lo (in a good way), but I think he’s more legit. If you haven’t seen his video for “Ain’t I” with Young Dro and T.I., you should check it out; it’s pretty doooope.

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