Free Gucci Mane

As many of you probably know, Gucci has been locked up for awhile for violating probation last year. That hasn’t stopped him from coming out with consistently dope tracks though. I’m not gonna lie; when I first heard Gucci I wasn’t a fan. BUT after hearing more and more of his stuff, I’m hooked. He is so hood and comes out with trap bangers ALL the time. Not to mention his affiliation with OJ Da Juiceman and Soulja Boy… But if that’s not the kind of music you’re into, HI HATER. haha. I posted the “Make The Trap Say Ay” remix with OJ, Cam’ron, and Gucci a few days ago but here it is again. Also, here is Gucci’s new music video… kinda hard to make a vid while in jail, so it’s like cartoon-ized. Pretty tight and stooooooopid:

I’m gonna be making a big post of all the new singles that have come out in the next few days, so be on the look out for that! There have actually been a lot of dope ish droppin. Oh, and you BETTER be listening to that Drake mixtape. Best of ’09 so far… My fav tracks are “Successful”, “Uptown”, “The Best I Ever Had”, “Unstoppable”, and “Little Bit”… so basically all of them haha. The future of music!

P.S. Habby bday, GMagg & RIP T-Pain… haha


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2 responses to “Free Gucci Mane

  1. lwright717

    his chain and knots might be stoopid….i repeat might be.. regardless, gucci mane is fuccin wack. shootin people only gets u so far when when u got the dopest newkids coming up killing it who arent hood. scratch his ass outta here and throw on that mike posner mixtape. super dope

  2. kristobal1229

    i feel you, dude. that’s why i post a majority of song by other artists. like check out my top people to watch in the next few years:

    drake, kid cudi, charles hamilton… but you gotta give the trap some love too. it’s just a completely different style that you gotta recognize at least. plus, some of gucci’s shit is legit. i mean, i used to not be able to stand him. but then i just listened to more and more and found a few that i like. one of my favs is “i think i love her”. it’s with polow da don so you know the beat is bangin. i’ll upload it if you like it (you prob won’t haha), but maybe give it a listen:

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