The Drought is Over

I got my new iMac, so I’m good to go now. I thought it was only appropriate to post Drake’s new mixtape “The Drought is Over: Friends With Money”. It’s been out for a little while, and I wasn’t super excited about posting it because it has a lot of the same songs that are on the “So Far Gone” mixtape, but Drake always comes with quality tracks. These are 3 of my faves (also, check out all of the singles below the tape): 

Drake – Cannon Ball

Drake – Closer To My Dreams

Drake – Friends With Money


Drake – The Drought is Over (Mixtape)

(if you don’t know how to use .rar files, get this: Mac, PC)


I thought Ace Hood would be someone to look out for in the future (“Honorable Mention” haha). Song with Akon & T-Pain is guaranteed to be popular.

Ace Hood feat. Akon & T-Pain – Overtime

I‘m not sure if this is a serious song or what haha. Is Jay Rock just taking on everyone who raps? Or making fun of The Game because they sound alike? haha. “Thank The Lord” is pretty legit though.

Jay Rock – How To Rob ’09

Jay Rock – Thank The Lord

This first song is a little different; I def could see it getting big Lollipop-style… And Lil Wayne kills the verse with Twist, but I might be turning into a Lil Twist fan too. If Beyonce’s “Diva” was “A Milli 2.0”, “The Leak” is “A Milli 3.0″…

Jay Sean feat. Lil Wayne – Down

Lil Twist feat. Lil Wayne – The Leak

For some reason Ron Browz’s vocalizer doesn’t annoy me too much; I don’t know why. He was an “Honorable Mention”  like Ace Hood though haha. But seriously,  collab’s with Red Cafe and Ghostface Killah are pretty interesting.

Ron Browz feat. Red Cafe & Tea Bag Boys

Ghostface Killah feat. Ron Browz – She’s A Killer

Beat is addicting, tons of people got on it, and Red Cafe is always quality.

Red Cafe feat. Juelz Santana, Lore’l, Lloyd Banks, Busta Rhymes & Diddy – Hottest In The Hood (Remix #2)

Song has been out for a little while and is supposed to have Jeezy on it too when it’s finished. Hope it doesn’t cause too many more DUIs… ha.

Ludacris – Drinkin’ N Drivin’

Haha. Theme song.

Rihanna & Lady Gaga – Silly Boy

Ya Boy – Fuck Bitches, Get Money

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