Applying Pressure

Alright, so I know I just made a post, but I had to put up Cassidy’s new mixtape. Cassidy has always been one of my favorite rappers. His lyrics are definitely some of the best in the game. I think that he hasn’t been heard from in awhile because he is currently signed with Carmelo Anthony’s small-ish music group (I think Yung Berg is on it too…). Carmelo actually hosts this mixtape too. But apparently he did this instead of signing with a bigger label because he has more of a say in the music he makes. Props. Anyways, check out Cassidy’s mixtape; he’s a PROBLEM… punchlines. I wish the DJ would chill a little though… gets kinda annoying:


Cassidy – Apply Pressure (Mixtape)

Check it out: Cassidy is reppin a Crooks & Castles hat on the cover too.

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