DJ Quik & Kurupt

I’ve always kinda liked the sound of Quik’s voice nh. haha. Oh and I guess he’s pretty good at making beats too ha. Well Kurupt and Quik have a new CD set to release on June 9th called BlaQKout. I was checking out a few of the music videos on YouTube that are already made for it, and they’re pretty legit. Plus, you gotta love how hard Kurupt reps The Hundreds. West Coast!

DJ Quik & Kurupt – 9 Times Outta 10

I got that hat too, Kurupt!


DJ Quik & Kurupt – Do You Know

ummm… I roll with girls like that too, Kurupt! ha.


Bonus: This is one of my favorite songs with DJ Quik. It’s on Talib Kweli’s CD called Quality, which is one of my allllll time faves:

Talib Kweli feat. DJ Quik – Put It In The Air

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