Blip & Raptr

It seems like there are suddenly so many new status update sites; here are a few I’ve signed up for recently: Blip, Raptr, Last, Twitter.

blipfm_lg lets you tweet (or “blip”) the songs you’re listening to along with a personalized message. Others can then listen to the song and show their approval through props. By adding someone as a favorite, you then become their listener and are able to view and play their blips – very similar to how you view twitter friends’ updates. Blip can also be linked to; any song you listen to on Blip can be “scrobbled” to your profile (my post).

Raptr_Logo_New allows users to manually post what games they’re playing. But what’s more interesting is that Raptr can link with your game consoles through your online profiles as well (like your online Xbox Live account or the equivalent for PS3, Wii, etc.). So if you’re playing a game, Raptr can be set to automatically update your status. I’m even friends with Soulja Boy on Raptr. I guess the only thing this site is missing is a cool new word like “tweet”, “blip” or “scrobble”.

All of these sites are free and able to interact with each other in unique ways. I mentioned the and combination; also, both Blip and Raptr have options to automatically tweet updates to linked twitter profiles On top of all this, an update for Xbox Live coming later this year will add twitter, and Facebook components to their service for free with subscription.

I guess pretty soon your status will just be updated automatically by what appliance you’re using or GPS or something. haha. Kinda weird to think about; could make it realll easy for stalkers… ha.

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