Looks like Young Jeezy is starting beef again with Gucci Mane haha. Here’s the new diss track:

Young Jeezy – 23 24 (Gucci Mane & OJ Da Juiceman diss)


If you’re unfamiliar, here’s the basic history (as far as I can tell) of the dispute:

-Jeezy feels he’s underpaid for his contribution on Gucci’s song “Icy“.

-Jeezy comes out with diss track called “Stay Strapped” over T.I.’s “ASAP” beat.

-In “Stay Strapped“, Jeezy mentions he would pay someone $10,000 to bring him Gucci’s chain (starts at about 4:09 into the song).

-Gucci and Jeezy exchange diss tracks.

-Someone attempts to take the  chain and is killed by Gucci Mane in self defense.

-Gucci goes to prison on unrelated assault charges.

-Gucci is released but is still on probation.

-Not really sure what happens…

-Gucci goes to jail due to breaking probation for using drugs & alcohol and not completing community service hours (I heard he only completed around 25 of the 600 required).

-Gucci is released from prison earlier this year.

-Young Jeezy renews beef by featuring in Birdman’s “Always Strapped (remix)” with Lil Wayne & Rick Ross. Familiar name? Jeezy also releases the more obvious diss track I posted today – “23 24“. Here’s the “Always Strapped (remix)” video – currently Jam of the Week on MTV Jams:


Here’s a video with a brief history of the beef too:


Personally, I think someone needs to step up and end this before another person gets killed. Maybe Wayne can talk to Jeezy now that they’ve been working together a lot recently – it seems like Wayne does a pretty good job staying out of beef. I don’t know if Gucci is gonna back down, especially since Jeezy targeted OJ Da Juiceman too…

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