Would You Pay $10 to Visit the USA?


“United States considering $10 “tourist fee” to pay for promoting tourism.

A proposal currently under consideration in the U.S. Congress may soon charge visitors to the United States a $10 entry fee.

The fee will go into a fund used to pay for promoting tourism.

The idea behind the bill is that promoting tourism should not cost the U.S. taxpayer.

The $10 tourism sponsorship fee would be linked to the ESTA pre-registration system currently required for all visitors from visa waiver countries. When ESTA was introduced, foreigners were told that it would always be free, and by hiding the new fee as a “tourism sponsorship fee”, the government obviously thinks they are keeping their word. The site currently says that there may be a fee in the future.

A family of five will have to pay $50, just for the right to travel to the States, in addition to any new luggage fees imposed by the airlines. This means a trip to the United States could start costing about $400 more than it used to – a price many people may simply refuse to pay, making them head elsewhere instead.

The bill in question, and all details about the proposal can be found here: Travel promotion act of 2009. The bill calls for a non-profit company to manage the money, and proposes to fund it with $100,000,000 in its first year.”

source: Gadling

Charging an ‘admission’ fee just to visit the US? Personally, I think this idea is completely ridiculous; hopefully it doesn’t pass so it’s just not an issue at all. To me, it seems like money spent by tourists within the economy is enough by itself to rationalize promoting tourism. Also, I know that I would not be very excited to pay a fee to travel to another country… even if it’s as low as $10.

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