University of Oregon Studies Madden Gamers

I came across an article today regarding some research done by the University of Oregon’s Warsaw Sports Marketing Center. The points it makes about aren’t really mind blowing – like I would assume Madden players to be more avid NFL fans; they bought an NFL video game – but it is still kind of interesting. Check the full release out here; here are some excerpts:


[Not the real Madden or NCAA cover, but it’s Oregon and I play NCAA]

“According to the fan avidity score, the more hours playing the Madden NFL game correlates to a more devoted and involved NFL fan. The most passionate of these fans are less likely to miss a football game on Sunday than most non-Madden players and are likely to attend at least one NFL game per season.”

“According to the survey, Madden NFL players on average consume 35 percent more football content than those who do not play the game. This measurement included information on viewing, attending games, and purchasing habits related to the game of football.”

“One of the greatest differentiators between Madden NFL gamers and those that didn’t play the game was football viewing patterns. When it comes to watching football games, there is no NFL fan more reliable than a Madden NFL player, as 42 percent of Madden NFL players indicated they never miss a football game due to other activities. Only 12 percent of non-Madden NFL players would make the same claim.”

“In this year’s study, the Madden NFL Football IQ survey found that Madden NFL players continue to be more knowledgeable about the game of football than non-Madden players. Out of a total of 25 questions, Madden NFL players scored higher in all five survey categories. Categories where Madden NFL players scored significantly better were Game Situations and General Knowledge categories, where Madden NFL players scored 19 and 12 percent higher, respectively.”


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3 responses to “University of Oregon Studies Madden Gamers

  1. You’re right. That’s one big ‘duh’ study. 😛

  2. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

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