Just Kidd Kidding


Kidd Kidd has been dropping some quality songs for a while now, and I thought he might be a little more popular by now; I feel like he hasn’t been getting the credit he deserves. I mean, he was on one of the best tracks on Lil Wayne’s ‘Tha Carter 3’:

Lil Wayne feat. Bobby Valentino & Kidd Kidd – Mrs. Officer

And I know you’ve heard ‘Best I Ever Had’ by Drake. Well, there has been some controversy with Kia Shine claiming 25% publishing. I don’t know about that, but Drake does admit to taking a line from a Lil Wayne song that Kia Shine produced in that same article. That song? ‘Real Shit‘ by Kidd Kidd and Lil Wayne (Wayne says, “We can do it real big, bigger than you ever done it. Everything you every wanted… I can spend whatever on it,” at about 0:30):

Lil Wayne feat. Kidd Kidd – Real Shit

Finally, Kidd Kidd is also in the original (and better) version of ‘Forever’ with Drake, Lil Wayne, Kanye West & Eminem. The original version is only with Drake and Lil Wayne though:

Lil Wayne feat. Drake & Kidd Kidd – I Want Dis 4 Eva

So check out Kidd Kidd’s new mixtape, ‘New Kid On The Block’. I think he sounds kind of like BG and Juvenile combined?:


Kidd Kidd – New Kid On The Block (mixtape)

***Bonus No DJ Top Tracks:

Drake feat. Lil Wayne & Kidd Kidd – Stunt Hard

Kidd Kidd feat. Lil Wayne – Mazant

Lil Wayne feat. Kidd Kidd – Bullshit

Lil Wayne feat. Kidd Kidd – Guerilla

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