No Homo

We were talking about where the phrase ‘no homo’ originated the other day. Lil Wayne has definitely popularized it recently, especially in the intro to his #1 hit, ‘Lollipop’ (listen here). But apparently it all started back in the ’90s with Dipset’s Cam’ron and Juelz Santana (read here). Cassidy’s opinion is a little ridiculous: here. And finally, here’s an ‘educational’ video on the trending topic:

Will Hatcher’s: The Evolution of ‘No Homo’

I even just saw Demetri Martin’s special with this joke:

I’m in a weird position, because I like rainbows, but I’m not gay. So whenever I go out wearing a rainbow shirt, I have to put “Not gay.” But I’m not against gays, so under that I’ll have to put “… but supportive.” It’s weird how one group of people took refracted light. That’s very greedy, gays.


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2 responses to “No Homo

  1. Keep working ,great job!

  2. Dustin

    I believe it was on caddy shack in 1980. A scene where Chevy chase is at his home talking to his date

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