Is Drake ‘Stealing Flows’?

Listen the first line of Drake’s new ‘Miss Me’ single featuring Lil Wayne:

Drake feat. Lil Wayne – Miss Me [Official Video]

Now listen to the first line of Soulja Boy’s ‘What’s Hannenin’ track from 2007:

Soulja Boy – What’s Hannenin’ [Unofficial Video]

I normally wouldn’t think twice about it, but Drake talks about catching people ‘stealing flows’ later in the same song: click here. I say a little hypocritical.

Not to mention the obvious similarities between the second verse from Drake’s ‘Over’…

Drake – Over [Official Video]

… and the first verse of Dead Prez’s ‘Hip Hop’ from 1999:

Dead Prez – Hip Hop [Official Video]

All four MP3 files are below for your consideration:

Drake feat. Lil Wayne – Miss Me [MP3]

Soulja Boy – What’s Hannenin’ [MP3]

Drake – Over [MP3]

Dead Prez – Hip Hop [MP3]


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10 responses to “Is Drake ‘Stealing Flows’?

  1. john john

    no comparison stop trying to start shit bitch

  2. Jonathan

    Most likely he is using Allusions in his verses so when you hear it you’ll be familiar to it without knowing it. That’s probably why drakes music grows on a lot of people if they don’t like it at first.

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  4. LP

    I cant believe ppl dont make more of a big deal about this…the guy stole 4 whole bars from an legendary track… thats not cool, if you do that at least send a shout out

  5. David

    “work something, twerk something basis” drake – miss me “first come, first serve basis” rev run of run dmc – sucker mcs

  6. Anonymous

    its calling giving homage u retards

  7. Anonymous

    Drake is a good guy

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