Preview: Dave Raps

As you might’ve guessed from his name, Dave Raps is a rapper. Calling both Florida and New York home, Dave has quickly gained notoriety in the rap game over the past few years. I’ve listened to two of his mixtapes, and I think a fellow blogger described Dave’s rapping best: “You know how you can detect a crappy rapper or singer for that matter? You find yourself rolling your eyes at their crappy lyrics and or delivery. I didn’t have this experience with Dave Raps and his mixtape.”

Check out Dave’s most recent mixtape, “Too Unknown”. As usual, I’ve included my 3 top tracks. Also, below that, you’ll find 2 recent music videos. Start listening to Dave Raps now, and you can brag to your friends when he’s famous later.

Dave Raps – Too Unknown mixtape

Dave Raps – $20 Gucci Bag mp3

Dave Raps – High Life mp3

Dave Raps – I Get Doe mp3

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