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Here’s an update on what’s new in the Enliten world over the past few weeks as well as a look into the near future:

On April 20th, Enliten Elite sponsored artists Amerikas Addiction dropped their newest mixtape titled “The Enlitened Ones”. Check it out on their personalized page at www.enliten.me/amerikasaddition and download the exclusive tape for free. You can also stream their tape here.

Amerikas Addiction – The Enlitened Ones mixtape

Also happening this week, DyMe-A-DuZiN announced his upcoming “20=X” mixtape, which will drop on Enliten in early May 2011 mid-June. This tape will be available exclusively for free download on his Elite page at www.enliten.me/dymeaduzin.

As a reminder, Enliten is still dropping affiliate tapes that are available for free download at www.enliten.me/mixtapes. The most recent affiliate tape was dropped on April 20th by Spadez. Download that tape here or stream it here.

Spadez – The Bake Sesh Chronicles: Chapter 1 mixtape

Finally, Enliten will be releasing a new mini-line titled “Spring into Summer” in early May 2011. Signup for the mailing list to be notified first – you can signup on the bottom our splash or homepage. This line will highlight some of our new tee designs including a collab tee with Lucratif.

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