Affiliate Mixtapes

The past month has seen the release many affiliate mixtapes from artists all over the country. Check out all the tapes at If you have something you think should be on the site, contact us at – make sure you send your best work!

This first tape is by an artist named B.I.T. out of Oregon. This tape has been a long time in the works, and the quality shines through. Mixtape artwork by Enliten! Download it now.

B.I.T. – The Introduction


Illinois rapper Acely (aka Ace West) drops his second tape on the site. Be sure to check out the track “Six Inch Tuna”.

Acely – AOK


This tape is the first (of many to come) by California rapper Jay Allen, who is a 14-year old with skills. Don’t sleep.

Jay Allen – Summer of 2011


Next up, French/Maryland rapper Marcushizzle drops the second tape in his Green Diamond series.

Marcushizzle – Green Diamond 2


Finally, up-and-coming rapper and Illinois native Excell (aka Legit) released his second Enliten tape with “Yesterday’s Remembered”.

Excell – Yesterday’s Remembered



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