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Stop… pose for the frame

Haven’t posted in a while but here are a few random songs that have caught my attention recently. They’re kinda entertaining/funny to listen to.

B-Hamp – Do the Ricky Bobby:

haha… Pretty ridic song but gotta like it still. Next Stanky Leg? Kinda feelin it.

Pleasure P – Boyfriend #2:

Who is that at 3:12? Tygatygaman! haha. Kinda feelin this one too… maybe my new jam ha.

Just FYI, I’m still stuck on that Gucci Mane “Gucci Land” mixtape. A lot of good tracks on there is you give them a chance… My favs are: Bricks (remix), Do It, Still Cookin, Gucci Land, Not a Stain On Me, Wat Up, & That’s Me. that trap shiiiit. ha. Sidenote: Which one of these songs do you think uses the beat better?:

The Cool Kids – Oscar The Grouch:

Gucci Mane & Big Tuck – Not a Stain On Me:

I used to be obsessed with that Cool Kids song, but the Gucci track is pretty sikkk… esp since I was gettin a lil sick of The Cool Kids version. Thoughts?

Ohhh and shouts to Breddd. Habbby bday doood. 21!

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