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Dave Raps | Light One



Dave has been a friend of Enliten for quite some time now. Check out his new music video, “Light One”, off his newest project, “AKA Dave Ruffin”. Download the whole project at www.daveraps.com, but first, here’s the video:

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Preview: Dave Raps


As you might’ve guessed from his name, Dave Raps is a rapper. Calling both Florida and New York home, Dave has quickly gained notoriety in the rap game over the past few years. I’ve listened to two of his mixtapes, and I think a fellow blogger described Dave’s rapping best: “You know how you can detect a crappy rapper or singer for that matter? You find yourself rolling your eyes at their crappy lyrics and or delivery. I didn’t have this experience with Dave Raps and his mixtape.”

Check out Dave’s most recent mixtape, “Too Unknown”. As usual, I’ve included my 3 top tracks. Also, below that, you’ll find 2 recent music videos. Start listening to Dave Raps now, and you can brag to your friends when he’s famous later.

Dave Raps – Too Unknown mixtape

Dave Raps – $20 Gucci Bag mp3

Dave Raps – High Life mp3

Dave Raps – I Get Doe mp3

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