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Elroy Jetson

Here is Yung L.A.’s new single and video (mp3 link is below the vid). The song has been out for a couple months now, and it’s pretty decent. I was a little confused at first about what “Elroy” meant… Apparently, it has to do with Elroy Jetson – makes sense because the song is called Futuristic Love. Anyways, Elroy always had tons of cool gadgets and stuff on the show… kinda a weird reference. But check it out anyways:

Yung L.A. feat. Ricco Barrino – Futuristic Love


By the way, I’m currently the #1 Yung L.A. listener on Last.fm. Check this pic out. It shows me on the bottom where it says “Top listeners on Last.fm”. Prettttty tight. haha.

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