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The New (old?) Drake


I don’t normally listen to a lot of Chris Brown, but his newest mixtape, ‘In My Zone‘, is supposed to be something new for the streets… which means he raps on it. I guess he originally wanted to be a rapper, but his mom convinced him to sing instead. It’s hard to tell if he’s actually doing the writing himself or if it’s ghostwritten; either way, it caught my attention. Drake still has some of the most creative lyrics right now, but CB has the advantage if it comes to singing or dancing. Check out the whole tape or give my selections a quick listen:

[Featured artists: Soulja Boy, RichGirl, LA The Darkman & T. Breezy]

Chris Brown – In My Zone (mixtape)

Chris Brown – Twitter

Chris Brown – Don’t Lie

Chris Brown – Turnt Up

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I Think I Can Sing-les

Download all these songs:

Mike Posner feat. Saigon – Kiss Me Thru The Phone (remix)

Interesting combo to remix Soulja Boy…

Lil Twist feat. Mack Maine & Lil Wayne – Let’s Chill

Lil Twist – She Fight My Love

Couple new tracks from Twist. Hottest young rapper?

F.L.Y. (Fast Life Yungstaz) feat. Stuey Rock – Gotta Be

From those “Swag Surfin’” boys.

Tyga – Cut My Check

My fav track of Tyga’s new tape. Produced by Bangladesh.

Hurricane Chris & Lil Boosie – Doin Our Thang

I kinda think Chris and Boosie sound alike… Good song tho.

Rich Hil feat. Kid Cudi – Girls, Sounds & Colors

Kid Cudi – Mr. Solo Dolo

Not really sure who Rich Hil is, but Cudi is always quality.

Cory Gunz – Like U Don’t Know

Don’t sleep on this song… or Cory Gunz in general. This song is fire. Check out Cory Gunz on the Youngest In Charge mixtape. It’s prettttty good.

Dorrough – Walk That Walk

From the “Ice Cream Paint Job” guy.

Lil Wayne feat. Gucci Mane – We Be Steady Mobbin

Gucci and Wayne… Download now.

Yung L.A. feat. Young Dro – Everything White

Yung L.A. – I Thank I Can Sang

What’s with rappers talking about being white recently? Gucci and Plies talking about getting “Wasted” like white boys… Yung L.A. talking about being Steve Nash in this song and now again in “Everything White”. 


Soulja Boy – Gangsta Grillz: Follow Me Edition (mixtape)

[Featured Artists: Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman & JBAR]

I would say worth the download just to get the “Go Ham” mp3. haha. Seriously tho, not a bad tape. DJ Drama strikes again.

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Yung L.A. & DJ Drama: Lamborghini Leland

DJ Drama and Yung L.A.’s new mixtape is Lamborghini Leland… I have been a biggg fan of Yung L.A. recently and have posted quite a few of his songs on this blog. And like it or not, DJ Drama is pretty much the hottest DJ right now. His new CD Gangsta Grillz: The Album (Vol. 2) is legit; he gets EVERYONE to hop on tracks with him. Check the tape tho… it’s good.


DJ Drama & Yung LA – Lamborghini Leland

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