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Swedish Take Over


I just bought tickets yesterday for Karnevalborg on April 30th at my old nation of V-Dala. This concert is going to be legit with some of my favorite Swedish artists headlining – including Adam Tensta & Eboi and Maskinen. While on the topic, I thought I would post some of these artists’ work as well as a few other popular Swedish musicians. It is just me or do the Swedes do a way better job making music videos?

Super cool video – I’m sure SUG will like the effects:

Adam Tensta, Eboi, Infinite Mass – Area Turns Red 09

Maskinen – Segertåget

Lykke Li always has crazy-good videos; check this one out too. Also, there’s a remixed version of ‘Little Bit’ with Drake that you can listen to here.

Lykke Li – Little Bit

Drake also remixes Peter Bjorn and John’s ‘Let’s Call It Off’ that you can hear here. Wale has a remix to ‘Nothing To Worry About’ that you can listen to here.

Peter Bjorn and John – Nothing to Worry About

Henok Achido feat. Sophia Somajo – Pusher

Lazee feat. Neverstore – Hold On

Timbuktu – Det Löser Sig


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Most Played of ’09


Here is a list of my most played tracks in 2009. Every song on the list was downloaded in 2009. I know this somewhat skews it toward songs from earlier in the year, but it’s a pretty solid list nonetheless. Click on each track to download:

1.) Wiz Khalifa – Boarding Pass

2.) Drake – Best I Ever Had

3.) Wiz Khalifa – Dreamer

4.) Day26 feat. Yung Joc & Diddy – Imma Put It On Her

5.) New Boyz feat. Tyga – Cricketz

6.) Soulja Boy feat. OJ Da Juiceman – Gold Grill Shawty

7.) Yung L.A. – Have Her Like Bow

8.) Freekey Zekey feat. Gucci Mane – That’s Me

9.) Yung L.A. – Mathematics

10.) Jay-Z feat. Kanye West – Hate

11.) Lil Wayne feat. Pharrell – Yes

12.) Jay-Z feat. Swizz Beatz – On To The Next One

13.) Drake feat. Trey Songz & Lil Wayne – Successful

14.) Wale feat. Lady Gaga – Chillin’

15.) Gucci Mane feat. Yung L.A. – Do It

16.) Kid Cudi – Simple As…

17.) Charles Hamilton – MTV Cribs

18.) Gucci Mane – Gorgeous

19.) Drake feat. Bun B & Lil Wayne – Uptown

20.) Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman, Fabolous, 8ball, MJG & Shawty Lo – Bricks (remix)

21.) Drake feat. Lykke Li – Little Bit

22.) Big Sean – Supa Dupa

23.) Drake feat. Santogold & Lil Wayne – Unstoppable

24.) Kid Cudi feat. MGMT & Ratatat – Pursuit of Happiness

25.) Lil Twist feat. Lil Wayne – The Leak

26.) Ray Cash & The Notorious B.I.G. – Wavin The .44

27.) Yung L.A. – Taser Gun

28.) Gucci Mane feat. OJ Da Juiceman – Still Cookin

29.) Kid Cudi – Sky Might Fall

30.) Gucci Mane feat. Plies – Wasted

31.) Wiz Khalifa – Get Sum

32.) Rich Kids – All In My Video

33.) Slim feat. Ron Browz & Deezo – Heels On (remix)

34.) Yung L.A. – Bow

35.) Gucci Mane feat. Esther Dean – I Think I Luv Her

36.) Beyonce – Diva

37.) Kid Cudi – Up, Up, And Away

38.) OJ Da Juiceman – Cold

39.) Wiz Khalifa – Extra Credit

40.) Yung L.A. feat. Ricco Carrino – Futuristic Love (Elroy)

41.) Wiz Khalifa – Sky High

42.) Big Tuck feat. Gucci Mane – Not A Stain On Me

43.) Drake feat. Birdman – More Milli

44.) Gucci Mane feat. Chip Tha Ripper – Gucci Land

45.) Drake feat. Peter Bjorn & John – Let’s Call It Off

46.) Gudda Gudda – Gettin’ To The Money

47.) Lil Wayne feat. Gucci Mane – We Be Steady Mobbin

48.) Wiz Khalifa – Name On A Cloud

49.) Gucci Mane – Heavy

50.) Henok Achido feat. Sophia Somajo – Pusher

51.) Jay-Z feat. Kid Cudi – Already Home

52.) Kid Cudi – Soundtrack 2 My Life

53.) Lil Wayne feat. Drake, Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda & Mack Maine – Every Girl

54.) Mike Posner feat. Big Sean – Speed Of Sound

55.) OJ Da Juiceman – I’m Boomin’ And Bunkin’

56.) Wale feat. Jazmine Sullivan – World Tour

57.) Wiz Khalifa – Never Ever

58.) Yung L.A. – I Thank I Can Sang

59.) Ace Hood – White Leather

60.) Drake feat. Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy – I’m Going In

61.) Fabolous feat. Lil Wayne – Salute

62.) Drake – The Winner

63.) The Grouch & Eligh feat. Slug – !BOOM!

64.) New Boyz – So Dope

65.) The Cool Kids – Hammer Bros.

66.) Kevin Cossom feat. Drake – I Get Paper

67.) Gucci Mane feat. Drake & Sean Garrett – In My Business

68.) Kid Cudi – Heart Of A Lion

69.) Young Money feat. Lloyd – Bedrock

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Push It Real Good

This was submitted by one of my blog viewers. According the the comment I got, this guy is:

“a swedish up and coming rapper, one of those who are ridin’ on the success of Adam Tensta if you know who that is.”

I’ve heard of Sophia Somajo before because she was in ‘Before U Know It’ with Adam Tensta. I also think she was on the cover of a magazine I saw in Uppsala because she was performing there.

Anyways, here is the song submitted; I like it. Click the link below for the mp3 file:

Henok Achido feat. Sophia Somajo – Pusher

I put this up previously in this post, but here is Adam Tensta feat. Sophia Somajo’s song ‘Before U Know It’ again. I really like this video… especially since he’s wearing that hat from The Hundreds. I also talked about Adam Tensta and Maskinen here.

Adam Tensta feat. Sophia Somajo – Before U Know It


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