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To commemorate the start of SXSW‘s music schedule tomorrow, I wanted to highlight a pretty cool feature Last.fm is offering its users for free. Even though I won’t be at the festival, I am a huge Last.fm fan. Plus one-third of Enliten will be in attendance… be on the lookout for SUG near the Collie Buddz camp. So in the words of Bobby Hundreds, “if you’re in the area, stop by and say ‘What’s up’ or ‘Howdy, Y’all’ or ‘I hate you guys, you ruined streetwear’ or whatever you crazy Texans do.”

Back to the topic, Last.fm created a tool called “SXSW Band Aid 2011” that allows users to instantly view a personalized list of artists to see at the festival based on their play history. If you have a Last.fm account, go here to check out which artists to see (or see what you’re missing and cry). Here’s my list:

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The Odd Future is Now


After electrifying Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, the future is officially here:

For those unfamiliar, Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA) is a Los Angeles based hip-hop collective headlined by Tyler the Creator – but they’re better described as a legitimate movement in the music industry. Odd Future’s 11-man team of independent artists reminds me of the also Cali-based group Living Legends last decade. But Odd Future’s musical style is no comparison; this article describes their sound the best:

They curse, they shout and they’re definitely NSFW. But those who can stomach the sometimes-repellent, but always captivating, lyrics will find one of the most daring, in-your-face, and unpredictable musical acts to come along in a long time.

With the current state of the genre in question, Odd Future’s authentic, not-watered-down approach is eye-opening and much appreciated. True fans of rap have become disenchanted with overproduced, overplayed pop – Odd Future is a breath of fresh air and a peak at the ‘odd future’ of the game.

Here’s a sample of music videos:

I would also like to highlight Tyler’s verse from “Seven” because it embodies OFWGKTA in multiple ways and is just dope – one of my favorite tracks:

I guess I gotta be a fuckin’ hand-me-down rapper

From Los Angee area anytime I’m fuckin’ landing

Fuck 2DopeBoyz and NahRight, shout out to Hype Track

Them motherfuckers could never get rid of me

Guess I gotta do a fucking song with Dom Kennedy

Get these fuckin’ hip hop bloggers to start feelin’ me

Because I’m 17, compose my own beats

Lyrically I’m dope enough to ass-fuck the dude who made nicotine

Maybe I should buy some Hundreds, wear some fuckin’ skinny jeans

And follow in your footsteps like a motherfuckin’ millipede

Centipede, make songs about Gucci and cigaweed

Jerk with my friends like it’s some motherfuckin’ little league

No I ain’t no fucking hipster, mister

No I’m not no fucking Kid Cudi, all my fucking fans love me

Collaboration hits for fans screaming fuck buddies, yo, yo

Free Earl!

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Push It Real Good

This was submitted by one of my blog viewers. According the the comment I got, this guy is:

“a swedish up and coming rapper, one of those who are ridin’ on the success of Adam Tensta if you know who that is.”

I’ve heard of Sophia Somajo before because she was in ‘Before U Know It’ with Adam Tensta. I also think she was on the cover of a magazine I saw in Uppsala because she was performing there.

Anyways, here is the song submitted; I like it. Click the link below for the mp3 file:

Henok Achido feat. Sophia Somajo – Pusher

I put this up previously in this post, but here is Adam Tensta feat. Sophia Somajo’s song ‘Before U Know It’ again. I really like this video… especially since he’s wearing that hat from The Hundreds. I also talked about Adam Tensta and Maskinen here.

Adam Tensta feat. Sophia Somajo – Before U Know It


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DJ Quik & Kurupt

I’ve always kinda liked the sound of Quik’s voice nh. haha. Oh and I guess he’s pretty good at making beats too ha. Well Kurupt and Quik have a new CD set to release on June 9th called BlaQKout. I was checking out a few of the music videos on YouTube that are already made for it, and they’re pretty legit. Plus, you gotta love how hard Kurupt reps The Hundreds. West Coast!

DJ Quik & Kurupt – 9 Times Outta 10

I got that hat too, Kurupt!


DJ Quik & Kurupt – Do You Know

ummm… I roll with girls like that too, Kurupt! ha.


Bonus: This is one of my favorite songs with DJ Quik. It’s on Talib Kweli’s CD called Quality, which is one of my allllll time faves:

Talib Kweli feat. DJ Quik – Put It In The Air

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