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Fortified Sounds x Kendrick Lamar | Swimming Pools

Noah (Fortified Sounds) sent his remix to Kendrick Lamar’s Swimming Pools over last night. It’s even better than the original IMO. Check it out and follow him on Twitter.

Swimming Pools Remix (Produced by Fortified Sounds) mp3

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Mixtapes I’m Listening To


Here are  three mixtapes that dropped in the last month along with the top three tracks from each:

Wiz Khalifa – Northern Lights mixtape

[Featured artists: Curren$y, Maino, Terrace Martin, Juicy J & Johnta Austin]

Wiz Khalifa – Stoned mp3

Wiz Khalifa – Bad Guy mp3

Wiz Khalifa feat. Curren$y – Huey Newton mp3

J. Cole – Friday Night Lights mixtape

[Featured artists: Drake & Wale]

J. Cole feat. Drake – In The Morning mp3

J. Cole – Back To The Topic mp3

J. Cole – Blow Up mp3

Tyga – Well Down mixtape

[Featured artists: Chris Brown & Gudda Gudda]

Tyga – Like Me mp3

Tyga – Well Done mp3

Tyga – Make It Rain (remix) mp3

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What if Kanye West is Retarded?

Kanye West’s recent incident…

… reminded me of an article I read a few months back titles ‘What if Kanye West is Retarded?‘. This article contains some pretty good arguments bringing up Kanye’s book, his opposition to college (lol), and the conflict with George Bush as support. Here are a couple excerpts:


Lookin’ cool, Kanye.

“The thing is, I thought a lot of Kanye’s strange, quirky behavior was all a part of his act. His brat-sent-to-bed-without-dessert reactions to Grammy snubs, his bizarre videos, the fact that he blogs in ALL CAPS; I assumed it was all his “bit,” you know? He clearly wants to go down in history as some kind of unpredictable, eccentric genius and, hey, he probably could’ve gotten away with it. The history of pop music is littered with odd, eccentric lunatics that are now considered geniuses, and Kanye just wanted to be one of them. If he can convince people that he’s got Prince-levels of eccentricity, more power to him.

But now that I’m seeing this ridiculous book of what he perceives to be Confucius-esque witticisms, I’m not so sure. It’s not enough that he’s written a crappy book–he’s gone on record as saying that he’s a “proud non-reader” who doesn’t see the value in books. Now, I’m not an accomplished author or anything (until Holla Atta Bitch goes platinum or whatever it is that books do), but I think the first rule of book-selling is “Don’t tell your book-buying audience that reading books is stupid and worthless.”

Which leads me to my concern: What if Kanye isn’t an eccentric genius and, worse, isn’t even trying tofeign eccentricity? What if Kanye didn’t spout off a bunch of quirky, polarizing diatribes because he wanted to go down in history as a creative genius, but because he is, in fact, a complete fucking moron? The question we have to ask, then, is “What if Kanye West is retarded?” and everything Kanye’s ever said and done takes on an entirely different context when you view it through this new lens.”

I bet this is exactly how Charles Hamilton would act like if he was a little more popular.

Also, I should mention a quote from one of Drake’s twitter accounts referring to Beyonce’s recognition of Taylor Swift:

“and Bey was real classy for doin that for Taylor Swift / next time Kanye wanna shoot my vid eat a d*ck”

Looks like Drake wasn’t impressed with the ‘Best I Ever Had‘ video either…

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Blip & Raptr

It seems like there are suddenly so many new status update sites; here are a few I’ve signed up for recently: Blip, Raptr, Last, Twitter.


Blip.fm lets you tweet (or “blip”) the songs you’re listening to along with a personalized message. Others can then listen to the song and show their approval through props. By adding someone as a favorite, you then become their listener and are able to view and play their blips – very similar to how you view twitter friends’ updates. Blip can also be linked to Last.fm; any song you listen to on Blip can be “scrobbled” to your Last.fm profile (my Last.fm post).


Raptr.com allows users to manually post what games they’re playing. But what’s more interesting is that Raptr can link with your game consoles through your online profiles as well (like your online Xbox Live account or the equivalent for PS3, Wii, etc.). So if you’re playing a game, Raptr can be set to automatically update your status. I’m even friends with Soulja Boy on Raptr. I guess the only thing this site is missing is a cool new word like “tweet”, “blip” or “scrobble”.

All of these sites are free and able to interact with each other in unique ways. I mentioned the Last.fm and Blip.fm combination; also, both Blip and Raptr have options to automatically tweet updates to linked twitter profiles On top of all this, an update for Xbox Live coming later this year will add twitter, Last.fm and Facebook components to their service for free with subscription.

I guess pretty soon your status will just be updated automatically by what appliance you’re using or GPS or something. haha. Kinda weird to think about; could make it realll easy for stalkers… ha.

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